India’s worst train crash this century leaves dozens dead in Odisha

A devastating train collision occurred in the eastern Odisha state of India on Friday evening, resulting in the worst railway accident the country has experienced this century. The incident involved two passenger trains and a freight train, with several carriages from the Shalimar-Chennai Coromandel Express derailing in Balasore district and colliding with a stationary goods train. Consequently, a number of the coaches ended up on the opposite track, where they were struck by the Howrah Superfast Express travelling from Yesvantpur to Howrah.

The BBC interviewed two local villagers who witnessed the crash, as well as an injured passenger from the Coromandel Express. The following accounts contain distressing details.

“The goods train was stationary on a different track. The Coromandel Express derailed and collided with the goods train. There was chaos. The train coming from the other side was Shalimar Express. It hit [the Coromandel Express] from behind. Two of its coaches derailed. There was a loud sound. There was smoke all around. It was chaotic and people were running in all directions. I was close to the tracks and decided to run to the spot. We started pulling out some of the trapped passengers. We managed to get some of the survivors out, and some bodies too. There were so many injured, we did not know how to get them out. It became a bit easier after the rescue workers arrived. This work went on almost throughout the night. I am still in a daze.”

“We heard a loud sound. When we came out of the house, we saw that this accident had happened outside. I saw the goods train had climbed over on another train. When I reached the spot, I saw that many people injured, many people had died. A small child was crying whose parents had probably died. That child also died after a while. Many people were asking for water here. I gave water to people as much as possible. People from our village came here and helped people as much as they could.”

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“It was horrific. I was in the train when we felt a slight jolt and the train derailed. There was a thunderous sound and the train overturned. I was trapped and was rescued after half an hour by local people. All our belongings were scattered outside. I couldn’t find any of it. I came out and sat on the ground. Four passengers who were travelling from my village have survived, but a lot of people are injured or still missing. A lot of people died in the coach I was travelling in. Those who were seriously injured were brought to the hospital.”

The tragic event has left a lasting impact on the survivors and witnesses, with rescue efforts continuing throughout the night. The full extent of the casualties is still being determined, as the affected communities come together to support one another in the aftermath of the catastrophe.

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