Ex-British soldier dies in Ukraine crash while aiding refugees

A former British soldier, Julian Thorn, tragically lost his life in a car accident in Ukraine. The 36-year-old from Hexham, Northumberland, had travelled to the country to assist refugees and train Ukrainian fighters in using military equipment supplied by the UK. Thorn had previously served with the Fusiliers and completed tours in Afghanistan.

His fiancée, Louise Lathbury, received the devastating news on May 21, the same day she had made his wedding ring. In response to the tragedy, a fundraising campaign has been launched to raise £15,000 to repatriate Thorn’s body. Lathbury spoke about the importance of bringing him home, saying, “He needs to come back and he needs to be him and so then we can do what’s right for him when we get him home.”

During his time in Ukraine, Thorn had been involved in humanitarian work, aiding refugees near the Ukraine-Poland border. Lathbury, originally from Berkshire, said her partner’s death had left an irreplaceable void in her heart. She also mentioned that any remaining funds from the campaign would be donated to another family attempting to repatriate a loved one and to an animal charity.

A Foreign Office spokesperson stated, “We are providing support to the family of a British man following his death in Ukraine, and are in touch with the local authorities.”

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