Eerie 3D print shirt in wardrobe sparks fear and laughter across Thai social media

Picture courtesy of Sanook

A bizarre incident involving a woman’s wardrobe and a pair of mysterious eyes has been shared online, causing a stir amongst Internet users. The woman, preparing for bed as usual, was startled by a pair of eyes watching her from her wardrobe, causing her to flee in fear.

Following the initial shock, the woman decided to investigate the source of the eerie eyes. Her investigation revealed the eyes were merely a 3D print on a shirt. The shirt was innocently placed in the wardrobe, but the accidental positioning created a frightful image.

As the video of the wardrobe incident surfaced on social media, it sparked a wave of reactions from netizens, with many expressing their shock and amusement.

“It’s incredible how such a coincidence could occur.”

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“Whoever made that shirt with such realistic eyes was terrifying.”

“It’s a situation where you can both cry and laugh. But this woman is very brave, she is calm enough to open the wardrobe and investigate.”

In related news, on July 20, a chilling discovery was made in an apartment in Livry-Gargan, a northeastern suburb of Paris, France.

A 1.5-metre long, 40-centimetre wide, and 1-metre high wall mysteriously erected in the middle of the kitchen revealed a decomposed body wrapped in heavily sealed plastic, hidden within its confines.

The apartment owner was returning from a six-month holiday in Algeria when she encountered the bizarre wall inside her accommodation. As she entered, she noticed an intense odour of bleach around the wall and flies buzzing in the air.

The subsequent fear and confusion prompted her to immediately contact the police for assistance, Read more about this news HERE.

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