Dengue fever cases soar 158% in Malaysia with 34 deaths recorded

Dengue fever cases in Malaysia have risen by 158% from January to June 3, with 48,712 cases reported compared to 18,883 cases during the same period last year. The Health Director-General, Dr Muhammad Radzi Abu Hassan, revealed that 34 deaths due to dengue fever complications were recorded, a significant increase from the 12 deaths reported in 2022.

From May 28 to June 3, the number of dengue fever cases was 2,455, a decrease of 183 cases compared to the previous week. Dr Muhammad Radzi stated that three deaths due to dengue fever complications were reported during this period.

He also noted an increase in hotspot localities, with 82 detected compared to 72 in the previous week. A total of 62 localities are in Selangor, nine in Penang, five each in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, four in Sabah, and one each in Kedah and Perak.

Regarding chikungunya surveillance, one case was recorded in Selangor, bringing the cumulative number of chikungunya cases to 135. For Zika surveillance, a total of 1,163 blood samples and 57 urine samples were screened, with all results coming back negative.

Dr Muhammad Radzi highlighted that the majority of patients who died from dengue complications between 2020 and 2022 suffered from chronic diseases such as high blood pressure or hypertension at 27%; diabetes and obesity each at 23%; hyperlipidemia at 8%; heart disease at 7%; and kidney disease at 6%. This indicates that dengue patients with chronic diseases are more susceptible to severe complications and death.

He urged the public not to take early symptoms of dengue fever, such as high fever accompanied by pain behind the eyes, headache, joint or muscle pain, and dizziness, lightly, especially for those with chronic diseases. Dr Muhammad Radzi also advised the public to ensure there are no potential breeding grounds for Aedes mosquitoes inside and outside their homes.

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