Chinese husband’s explosive public accusations of wife triggers online debate

A Chinese husband attacked a man and his car, accusing him of sleeping with his wife. (via Sanook)

Jealousy and suspicion of infidelity can erupt into public in unexpected ways, as exemplified by a recent incident in Jiangsu province, China. A husband, convinced his wife was involved with another man, staged a loud confrontation that was both startling and eerily vague.

The startling scene unfolded on a public street in Jiangsu, when the husband, out buying goods, saw his wife alighting from another car. The driver, a man who seemed too familiar with his wife for his taste, sent alarm bells ringing. He was convinced that the pair were engaged in an illicit relationship.

Upon spotting the husband approaching, the wife and her companion appeared astonished and alarmed. As his temper flared, he picked up a piece of wood from the roadside, intent on using it against the man accompanying his wife. However, he was restrained by his wife just in time, and instead started to vent his anger on the man’s car, all the while loudly shouting.

“Tell the truth. Have you seduced my wife? How many times have you two slept together?”

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Taken aback by the husband’s sudden interrogation, the other man denied any inappropriate relations, insisting he was just close friends with the man’s wife and had done nothing wrong. He even tried to calm the husband down, warning him not to make a scene, as he might regret it later.

The husband, however, was not satisfied with this explanation and continued to threaten with the piece of wood. Meanwhile, the wife obstructed her husband’s attempted physical confrontation with the man, but notably failed to provide any explanation of her own.

The specific conclusion of this case remains unclear, including whether the wife was indeed unfaithful or not. However, the public dispute, which transpired in broad daylight, was witnessed by passersby, some of whom filmed the jealous outburst, leading to wide-ranging debates on social networking websites.

Many people believed that the husband’s quick, strong reaction must have been a long time coming and that the woman’s lack of explanation was damning. Others thought that freaking out over a woman talking to a man is inappropriate.

“The husband must have long suspected his wife to react so explosively. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

“If she was innocent, why didn’t she explain? She must be hiding something. Look how scared she is.”

“The husband has no evidence to accuse his wife of infidelity like that. Women also have the right to hang out with male friends, and moreover, using violence is not good.”

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