Breaking news: Anchor keeps composure as false tooth falls out on live TV

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An unexpected incident occurred during a live television broadcast when a female news anchor’s supposed false tooth fell out while she was speaking. The incident took place on November 4, on the 24-hour news channel CCTV13 of China Central Television. The professional manner in which she handled the awkward situation has drawn widespread praise online.

The anchor, known for her attractive appearance and credible personality, was impeccably dressed in a white shirt and a blue blazer. She was reporting on an important international event when the object, resembling a false tooth slipped from her mouth mid-sentence. Despite the unexpected and somewhat embarrassing moment, she remained composed, quickly removing the object from her mouth without displaying any hint of panic. She continued her report without losing focus, an act that caused a stir when shared on social media.

Many netizens commended her professional handling of the situation, while others speculated whether the object was a false tooth or a teeth whitening strip. This is not an isolated incident, a similar situation occurred previously with a well-known Ukrainian news anchor. While reporting, one of her front teeth fell out. Realising this, she quickly covered her mouth with her hand and continued to work as if nothing had happened, reported Sanook.

In related news, an elderly man’s recent misadventure with online shopping has once again underscored the pitfalls of e-commerce. He unwittingly purchased a set of fake teeth that were not only unusable but also comically fake in appearance.

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