Cambodia ends quarantine for vaccinated arrivals from today

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Cambodian PM, Hun Sen, has announced that from today, vaccinated arrivals will no longer be required to carry out mandatory quarantine. According to a Bangkok Post report, the PM confirmed the decision in a voice recording on social media. Cambodia has been imposing mandatory quarantine on foreign arrivals for the last 18 months. The country’s leader says this will no longer be the case, provided travellers are fully vaccinated and test negative for Covid-19.

“After seeing that people have 2 doses and a negative Covid test, they will be allowed to travel all over the Kingdom of Cambodia.”

The Bangkok Post reports that travellers to Cambodia must take a PCR test within 72 hours of travel and show evidence of being vaccinated with 2 doses of a Covid-19 vaccine. Unvaccinated travellers will still be subject to 14-day quarantine. The PM says vaccinated foreigners and Cambodians who are currently in quarantine are being released today.

“This is a quick way to re-open the country and facilitate travel for our people. I know some of our citizens want to go abroad but are worried about coming back with quarantine required.”

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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