California driver’s audacious manoeuvre through ancient tree sparks Internet outrage

Picture courtesy of @MsOC TikTok

A daring California driver incurred the wrath of Internet users after forcing his large vehicle through the hollow of a venerable, ancient tree, according to international media outlets. The video, shared on TikTok by a user known as @MsOC, revealed the audacious attempt in which the motorist manoeuvred his hefty vehicle through the seemingly too-tight aperture of this local landmark tree, resulting in complaints from netizens.

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The video revealed the driver navigating his silver Nissan SUV, bearing California license plates, through the hollow of an age-old tree. As the vehicle went through the passage, the passenger-side window of the car scraped against the tree trunk, creating a grating noise. Once the vehicle had entirely emerged from the tree hollow, it became evident that the passenger-side window was damaged, hanging loosely on the side of the vehicle. It was also highly likely that the ancient tree had sustained notable damage during this encounter.

The tree hollow in question is an estimated 2.13 metres wide, making it a relatively small space for a large model vehicle to pass through. The driver would have to exercise extreme caution to avoid damage to his vehicle or the tree. However, the Redwoods on the California coastline are among the tallest tree species globally. Fully grown Redwood trees can be a few centuries or even thousands of years old, arguably irreplaceable natural pieces of art. Many people were therefore angered by the driver, KhaoSodreported.

On revealing this video clip online, many Internet users criticised the driver’s reckless actions.

One Internet user said…

“These colossal trees are increasingly rare in California, causing unnecessary damage to these pitiable ancient trees simply for the thrill of driving through them is truly ludicrous.”

Another said…

“I genuinely do not understand why anyone would want to drive through this!”

A netizen suggested…

“You should have got out of the car and taken a look around. These trees are beautifully colossal. Seeing them in person is a different experience altogether.”

It was also revealed by one netizen that there were signs in the area warning against driving through if the vehicle was excessively large. Another suggested that the driver could potentially face a lawsuit from the park authorities for his reckless actions.

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