Cave conundrum: US explorer’s underground ordeal prompts epic rescue (video)

American cave explorer Mark Dickey. Photo courtesy of Global News.

The rescue mission for Mark Dickey, an American cave explorer, who is trapped more than a thousand metres underground in a cave in southern Turkey, has begun. The rescue team estimates that the operation could take several days or even weeks to bring Dickey to the surface.

The European Cave Rescue Association (ECRA) was alerted that Dickey was suffering from severe abdominal pain and needed external assistance on September 2.

Dickey’s condition, which was deteriorating due to severe bleeding and vomiting, is suspected to be gastrointestinal bleeding.

He was on a cave exploration mission at the Morca cave, which is 1,276 metres deep, near the city of Anamur in southern Turkey.

Cave conundrum: US explorer's underground ordeal prompts epic rescue (video) | News by Thaiger
Diagram of the Morca cave where Mark Dickey is trapped. Dickey is trapped just below Gorgoroth | Photo courtesy of Business Insider

Dickey’s condition improved after a medical team reached him. He became conscious, his bleeding stopped, and he was able to walk with the aid of a cane. This led the rescue team to begin the mission to move Dickey to the surface, which commenced on Saturday, September 9.

However, the Turkish Caving Federation revealed that this mission is one of the most challenging large-scale cave rescue operations in the world due to the cave’s depth and narrowness. The operation to bring Dickey to the surface could take several days to weeks. More than 150 rescue personnel are involved in this mission.

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