The best caves in Thailand to explore

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Thailand is full of natural sights that can be explored over a day or many. As many outdoor enthusiasts love to see the country’s caves, it is no wonder that Thailand features some truly awesome caves. From limestone filled caves to ones that resemble a museum, our list of the best caves to explore is below for your consideration.

Thailand’s Best Caves To Explore

1. Tham Lum Khao Ngu (Snake Mountain Cave), Kanchanaburi

Known as Snake Mountain Cave, Tham Lum Khao Ngu, features the tallest cave column in the world. The 62 metres tall (200 feet) column looks like a huge church organ, making it an amazing sight to see. Moreover, the cave is located in Kanchanaburi province, which is full of history. Here, you can visit this beautiful cave and venture onto the Death Railway and Bridge Over The River Kwai.

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Tham Lum Khao Ngu

2. Viking Cave, Koh Phi Phi Ley

As if seeing the stunning island of Koh Phi Phi Ley wasn’t enough, the island also features Viking Cave. Here, visitors can see ancient Viking ships inscribed into the cave’s walls. History buffs will surely love to see such a display of ancient artwork and snap a few awesome photos. The cave is also known for being a site in which to harvest a specific bird nest that is commonly used in traditional Chinese soup. However, as the cave is full of rare features, it has been closed off to tourists. But boats offer a trip to the cave that will get you close enough to check out the cave art.

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Viking Cave

3. Tham Lot, Pang Mapha

This cave is not for the weak, as it requires a guide for both of the ways in which you can explore. The first way is by taking a raft into the cave and back with a guide’s help. The second way is to enter the cave with a bamboo raft and then trek back through the forest alongside a guide. Regardless of your chosen method, visiting Tham Lot requires you to be in decent shape as there are steep staircases you will need to conquer. Tourists to this area can also opt to go kayaking and hiking, making it a great day to experience the surrounding rainforest. Moreover, since the cave is located about 40 mins away from the hippie town of Pai, you can add it to your itinerary if you plan to travel through this northern region.

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Tham Lot, Pang Mapha

4. Monkey Cave (Wat Tham Suwan Khuha Cave Temple), Phang Nga

This beautiful cave looks more like a museum on the inside, as its floors are smooth and shiny. Moreover, it houses a reclining gold Buddha statue, which makes it quite unique. Visitors to Monkey Cave will undoubtedly get you up close to some frisky monkeys who like to jump around just outside of the cave. However, be careful as these monkeys can be cheeky with tourists. The cave also is quite light on the inside, and has plenty of space for those who may normally get claustrophobic when visiting dark, cramped spaces.

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Wat Tham Suwan Khuha Cave

5. Tham Chiang Dao, Chiang Dao

This beautiful complex houses over 100 caves that extend more than 10 kilometres into the mountains. Moreover, the caves are truly a delight as they feature incredible limestone. Many of the caves also feature statues, Buddha images and shrines that provide a glimpse into local culture. However, be prepared to hire a guide as it will be apparent that an expert should help you make your way through the complex. Furthermore, the cave is surrounded by hiking trails, making it a great place to visit for those who love outdoor activities.

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Tham Chiang Dao

Caves are always loads of fun in which to walk through. But many who enter such caves are surprised by some of their inside features. From ancient Vikings artwork to a huge reclining Buddha statue, Thailand’s caves are quite spectacular in which to see. Apart from bats and feisty monkeys, these caves include some interesting and unique components that one wouldn’t see anywhere else.

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