1 dead 99 unaccounted for in Florida building collapse

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What that tells you is…. nothing like this was foreseeable

Last night, a building collapsed in Miami, Florida. 1 person is reported dead, dozens are missing, and 99 people are unaccounted for. 102 people have been located, so far. It is unknown how many people were in the building when it went down.

A search and rescue effort is currently underway to locate the missing.

The Miami Dade Rescue Assistant Chief Ray Jadallah says 55 apartments have been affected by the collapse. Emergency personnel got to the scene around 1:30 am. They evacuated 35 people.

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Ray says 2 people have been rescued from the rubble.

Emergency workers used search dogs, sonar and cameras on top of the rubble to look for the unaccounted for. Jay says the garage would be a better point of entry as they cut materials and perform other search measures such as making tunnels to find trapped people. He added that the problem was there weren’t voids visible from the top of the structure.

It is also reported that drones were used in the search.

Further, on voids, Mayor CharlesBurkett says “Apparently when the building came down it pancaked, so there’s just not a lot of voids that they’re finding or seeing from the outside”.

What made the building collapse is a mystery.

Kenneth Direktor, an attorney for the association of residents at the condo, says that the building had gone through several inspections over the “last several of months”. Further, he says “What that tells you is…. nothing like this was foreseeable, at least it wasn’t seen by the engineers who were looking at the building from a structural perspective”.

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