Decomposing headless body found along the beach in Songkhla

PHOTO: A headless body was found on Songkhla beach. (via Assawin Pakkawan)

A man out for a morning stroll this morning along the beach in the Muang district of Songkhla happened upon a grizzly discovery: a decomposing dead body on the beach, minus its head. The 72 year old man who discovered the headless body, which had decomposed to the point of being mostly bones, promptly notified the police of the morbid find.

The man said he came across the corpse near the shore on the beach at Moo 3 village in tambon Khao Rup Chang and reported it to the police in Muang. An investigator at the police station dispatched police officers along with doctors from Songkhla Hospital nearby to examine the headless body on the beach.

The investigators were not able to determine much from the badly decomposed headless body, which was half-buried in the sand. Only the upper body was visible, with just a little flesh left clinging to the bones. The lower half of the body was buried under the sand and the head was missing. In such bad shape, officials were unable to even identify the gender of the mystery body or any hint of how the person died.

The remains of the headless body were transported to Songkhla Hospital for further examination and investigation, and police are checking missing persons records to try to uncover the identity of the body found on the beach.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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