Woman beats 3 year old step daughter to death in Phuket

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A 3 year old girl was beaten to death by her step mother in Phuket on Sunday evening. The child’s father was present when the incident happened but did not intervene. Both the step mother and the child’s father have now been arrested.

On Sunday evening, Chalong Police Station received a call from Chalong Hospital to say a 3 year old girl had died in the emergency room. The child’s father claimed the child was suffering from vomiting and convulsions, but the doctors found bruises all over her body.

The results of the child’s autopsy, conducted at Vachira Phuket Hospital, revealed the cause of death was intra-abdominal bleeding. The child also suffered multiple injuries caused by blunt objects. The child suffered 23 wounds in total.

The police gathered evidence and requested the court to approve arrest warrants for a 28 year old woman, the child’s step mother, and a 28 year old man, the child’s father.

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The child’s hospital records showed that in February this year, she was treated at the hospital for a broken leg. At the time, the child’s father claimed she had fallen and broken her leg. However, during police interrogation, he admitted the broken leg was caused by physical harm from the child’s step mother.

Both the step mother and father of the child were arrested and initially charged with “harm to another causing death.” The step mother was also charged with “injuring others causing physical or mental harm.”


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