Phuket vendors warned over price gouging during inspections

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Police in Phuket yesterday conducted an inspection at Malin Plaza Patong Market and Banzaan Fresh Market, warning vendors against price gouging.

The investigation, led by Pathumphon Yamkerd of the Phuket Provincial Commercial Office, took place yesterday, July 10, at the two markets, aiming to ensure fair pricing and enhance Phuket’s tourism reputation. Some vendors were found not displaying prices, a practice that may potentially lead to consumer exploitation through price gouging.

Officials from the Sanitation and Environmental Health Department of Patong Municipality and Patong Police joined the Commercial Office in the inspection. They advised vendors to mark prices on their products to help consumers make informed decisions.

The official report maintains that displaying clear prices is crucial for maintaining a fair marketplace and ensuring transparency.

The inspection is part of an ongoing effort by the Phuket Provincial Commercial Office to prevent a practice deemed as opportunistic pricing. These checks are designed to protect both local and international tourists who frequent these popular markets.

Despite the ongoing efforts, some vendors were still not complying with the requirement to display price tags. This omission is a violation of the Act on Prices of Goods and Services (1999) specifically Sections 28, 29, 40, and 41, which can result in fines up to 10,000 baht. Failure to display prices constitutes a legal violation, and offenders are subject to fines.

Phuket Provincial Commercial Office urges consumers who encounter unclear pricing or suspect they are being exploited to report their concerns to their 24-hour hotline, which handles complaints related to product and service prices, reported Phuket News.

These periodic inspections aim to maintain the appeal of these markets by ensuring a transparent and fair shopping experience for all visitors.

In separate news, a series of motorcycle accidents at the Rainbow Crosswalk at the Charter intersection in the Mueang Phuket district sparked widespread debate on social media.

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