Phuket foundation gives hundreds of children scholarships

The scholarship ceremony, photo by PR Phuket, edited.

A foundation in Phuket is helping give the island province’s children a bright future. The Kusoldharm Phuket Foundation usually focuses on rescue work and helping victims of accidents and disasters. But the foundation also has an annual education scholarship program. The foundation presented scholarships to 313 children at its annual scholarship ceremony on Tuesday.

At the ceremony, the foundation’s president addressed a group of teachers and students from across Phuket. The president, Lek Tantiwongpaisan, said the foundation was granted 313 education scholarships for the year ahead, which would make a positive long-term impact on Phuket communities.

The foundation’s scholarship project was founded to help students gain education and skills, as well as social awareness and acceptance. The hope was for children to improve society and further develop Thailand.

This year, a few Phuket officials and organisations have been pushing to provide children with better educational opportunities. In May, the chief of Kathu district started planning a project to improve English teaching in the district.

The chief, Siwat Wangkun, turned to help from local government agencies, foundations, associations, and entrepreneurs who are qualified and proficient in English. He said he turned to these groups since some school staff lack proficient English teaching skills, and he thought the groups could help schools improve.

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Time will tell what the results of these recent education scholarships and initiatives in Phuket will be.

SOURCE: The Phuket News

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