Phuket City Mayor says culture and security will attract tourists

PHOTO: Phuket City plans to attract tourists with culture - like this photo contest - and security. (via PR Phuket)

While scores of tourists and potential Thailand travellers (including The Thaiger readers) have been vocal that tourism for major Thai destinations like Phuket won’t really rebound until entertainment venues are reopened and booze is allowed to flow freely, the Mayor of Phuket has some other ideas. Phuket City Mayor Saroj Angkanapilas says that the way to bring Phuket back to life is to bulk up cultural tourism to lure domestic travellers and stimulate the local economy.

“Phuket City Municipality must stimulate the domestic tourism market, especially in the Phuket Town area with its diverse cultural attractions, unique traditions and lifestyles, in order to revitalize the tourism sector and economy of Phuket.”

Speaking at the Phuket Creativity & Innovation Centre yesterday, the Phuket City Mayor laid out the need for highlighting the cities culture, creativity, and safety were the keys to economic recovery. To highlight the beauty and skills of the province and the people in it, the mayor announced winners of the Phuket City Municipality 2022 Photo Contest.

The contest had 12 winners which will be used to make a souvenir calendar with the theme of “Looking at the City from a New Angle, Chicer than the Old.” The mayor said the photos will be used in various media as well to attract people to Phuket.

“[The photos will] promote tourism, stimulate the economy and open up new perspectives. People will be able to witness a variety of natural attractions, cultural attractions and lifestyles in various locations through these photos, such as landscape and architecture, which will reflect Phuket’s individuality while promoting and fostering creativity.”

Additionally, the Phuket City Mayor says that safety and security is another important factor in welcoming tourists to the island. To that end, he has ordered 255 CCTV cameras to be installed all over the municipality, vowing to increase crime suppression and prevention by keeping a watchful eye 24/7 over the whole city. He believes that level of security will make travellers feel more safe and confident in visiting the city.

SOURCE: The Phuket News

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