Phuket authorities to tackle pollution for tourism and ecosystem

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In a bid to protect the local environment and maintain the tourist appeal of Phuket, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE) Police General Patcharawat Wongsuwan urged local authorities to take firm action against pollution.

The concern comes amid an increasing accumulation of fishing net waste and monsoon debris in Phuket and its adjacent marine areas, which poses a significant threat to the tourism industry and the marine ecosystem.

During his recent visit to Phuket, Patcharawat emphasised the need for the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) to develop and enforce effective strategies to address these environmental hazards.

The devised measures must also aim at protecting the region’s coral reefs from bleaching, according to an official report documenting his visit.

While inaugurating the new Phuket Provincial Natural Resources and Environment Office, Patcharawat listened to the grievances of locals.

The issues raised ranged from wastewater treatment to land allocation for housing within mangrove forest areas.

Teera Phumchuai, a council member of Ratsada Municipality, expressed gratitude for Patcharawat’s willingness to hear the concerns of the local community. He further emphasised the urgency to address coastal erosion and expedite the implementation of the urban forest project for sustainable development.

In response to these concerns, Patcharawat assured swift action on the urban forest project titled “Mangrove Forest Ban Ao Kung, Tha Le, Lang Daeng, Phuket” by June. Community participation in environmental conservation efforts was heavily stressed.

On the issue of wastewater treatment, he underscored the necessity for a collaborative approach between the Phuket Provincial Administrative Organisation (PPAO) and local authorities to enforce effective management plans.

Reaffirming the government’s pledge to combat waste pollution, he instructed the DMCR to address the fishing net and monsoon waste problems ahead of the forthcoming season to minimise the environmental impact.

Furthering his environmental tour, Patcharawat paid a visit to the Marine and Coastal Resources Research Center of the Upper Andaman Sea at Cape Panwa. Here, he also assessed the coral bleaching situation and discussed sustainable solutions with village representatives.

He emphasised the need to address coastal erosion in the Sai Kaew Beach area and advocated for the planting of more trees to protect the fragile ecosystem, reported Phuket News.

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