Mystery blaze engulfs fishing boats on Phuket’s eastern coast

Photo courtesy of Phuket city police (Bangkok Post)

A trio of dilapidated fishing vessels fell victim to an early morning inferno on the eastern coast of Phuket Town yesterday. The flaming spectacle quickly drew the attention of local authorities, who were alerted to the incident around 5am.

Arriving at the fiery scene of the fishing vessels, the police and firefighters found the boats engulfed in flames near the Asia Marina Pier in Moo 1, Ratsada, a canal-based location. The devastation was extensive, reducing the three boats to mere remnants of their former selves.

The task of determining the ownership of the ravaged boats has fallen to the Marine Police. As of now, no confirmation has been provided as to who the unfortunate vessels belonged to. This information could play a significant role in the ongoing investigation, potentially shedding light on the circumstances that led to the blaze.

In their initial inspection, officers were unable to pinpoint the cause of the fire. The degree of damage inflicted by the inferno and the complexity of such investigations make the task of identifying the fire’s origins a challenging one. The cause remains a mystery, with only charred remains offering cryptic hints, reports the Phuket News.

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To assist in the investigation, forensics investigators have been called in. Their expertise in analysing fire sites will be crucial in piecing together the puzzle. They will delve into the scorched remnants, looking for clues that could lead to a conclusive cause.

Adding to the intrigue, this is not the first incident of its kind in the area. A similar incident occurred in August, where two fishing boats – the Thong Charoensap 32 and the Yutuna No. 3 – were consumed by fire in the Klong Noi area. The frequency of these incidents raises questions and concerns that will undoubtedly feed into the ongoing investigation.

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