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Upcoming alcohol ban for Makha Bucha Day

Legacy Phuket Gazette



Upcoming alcohol ban for Makha Bucha Day | The Thaiger

PHUKET: A nationwide ban on the sale and purchase of alcohol will be in place for 24 hours on Monday out of respect for Makha Bucha Day.

“Letters will be sent to night entertainment business operators to inform them of the ban,” Peerayuth Karajedee, Phuket Provincial Police deputy commander, told the Phuket Gazette this morning.

“According to trading laws, entertainment venues cannot sell alcohol after 1am Monday, which means that the ban will run through until Tuesday morning.”

Anyone caught breaking the ban faces a prison sentence of up to six months, a 10,000-baht fine or both.

“Patrol police will be sent out to check on entertainment venues as per usual. However, I believe that Thai people, alcohol retailers and night entertainment venue operators understand that the sale and purchase of alcohol is prohibited on this special day,” Col Peerayuth said.

“We don’t see the need to send out any other special forces on Monday. However, if anyone sees shops selling alcohol during the ban, please inform police in your area.”

Makha Bucha Day marks the significant day nine months after the Buddha’s enlightenment, when 1,250 disciples arrived unplanned to meet him. The Buddha ordained them and passed on to them the main precepts of Buddhism: to abstain from evil, to do good and to purify the mind.

Many Buddhists in Thailand will make merit and follow the five Buddhist precepts for laymen, one of which is to abstain from alcohol. There will also be candle-lit processions at temples throughout Thailand to celebrate the holiday.

— Chutharat Plerin

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Motorbike driver dies after slamming into the back of a parked bus, Phuket

Kritsada Mueanhawong



Motorbike driver dies after slamming into the back of a parked bus, Phuket | The Thaiger

A motorbike driver has died after colliding with the rear of a parked bus on the side of the road in Thalang this morning.

Thalang Police say the incident happened at 5am on Sanambin Mueangmai Road (4026) which is about 200 metres from the Thalang Technical College.

Police and emergency responders arrived to find the parked bus. Embedded into the rear panels of the bus they found a motorbike and the body of a Thai man identified as 21 year old Rittchai Taokong. His body was taken to the Thalang Hospital

Thalang Police report that the bus driver, 59 year old Adul Pidjanan, had parked the bus on the side of the road. The motorbike, travelling at high speed, collided with the rear end of the bus.

Police are continuing their investigation and examining available CCTV.

Motorbike driver dies after slamming into the back of a parked bus, Phuket | News by The Thaiger

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Baby Risso’s Dolphin rescued at Railay Beach in Krabi

Kritsada Mueanhawong



Baby Risso’s Dolphin rescued at Railay Beach in Krabi | The Thaiger


A baby Risso’s Dolphin has been rescued after being found on Railay Beach in Krabi on yesterday.

Officials at the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) were notified that the baby dolphin was found of the east end of Railay Beach.

The DMCR says that the species is a baby Risso’s dolphin. This one is 250 centimetres long and weighs about 100 kilograms. The dolphin was weak and unable to swim by itself.

Wounds have been found around its head which marine staff believe was caused from being battered as it washed up onto the beach by waves.

The dolphin was taken to the Phuket Marine Biology Centre (PMBC) where it’s receiving love, attention and further treatment.

Risso’s dolphin is the only species of dolphin in the genus Grampus. It is commonly known as the Monk dolphin among Taiwanese fishermen. Some of the closest related species to these dolphins include: pilot whales, pygmy killer whales, melon-headed whales, and false killer whales.

Baby Risso's Dolphin rescued at Railay Beach in Krabi | News by The Thaiger

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Swedish man runs amok on Phuket’s main road

Kritsada Mueanhawong



Swedish man runs amok on Phuket’s main road | The Thaiger

Police and rescue services were called to Phuket’s main arterial north-south road where a 57 year old Swedish man was running around the road and darting in front of traffic.

Police speculate that, as his visa was running out, he may been on a suicide mission. They’ve also revealed that he is mentally unstable.

Daily News reports that Thalang police, tourist police and staff from a local rescue foundation managed to grab him on Thepkasattri road (Saladaeng area) before he was hit by traffic. The incident happened around 2.20 am yesterday morning (Sunday).

Pol Col Theerawat Liamsuwan reported that the man had to be subdued before being taken to Thalang Hospital for examination. He was later transferred to Vachira Phuket.

Vachira Phuket director Dr Chalermpong Sukhonthaphon said that the man was “suffering from mental illness”.

His visa was expiring on Sunday so the appropriate authorities in Thailand and the Swedish embassy had been contacted as the man needed in-patient treatment for his mental condition before he could be relocated or leave the country.

Daily News reports that the man is on a suicide watch at the hospital amid fears he will try to take his life.

SOURCE: Daily News

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