Pattaya’s permanent secretary Pramote Tubtim passes away in service

The city of Pattaya is reeling from the unexpected and sorrowful passing of its Permanent Secretary, Sub Lieutenant Pramote Tubtim, during his active service. The news of Pramote’s death yesterday has left the community in shock and mourning.

Just hours before his untimely death, he had been diligently fulfilling his duties, adding to the sense of disbelief surrounding his sudden departure.

Pramote reported feeling unwell on the day of his passing, yet his dedication to his role drove him to attend a scheduled MOU signing ceremony with three universities later in the afternoon. Despite his discomfort, he actively engaged in discussions with faculty members post-signing, reflecting his unwavering commitment to his duties.

However, the severity of his condition became apparent when he collapsed in his office after confiding to the mayor that he felt cold and unwell. Immediate medical attention was provided, with CPR administered at the scene, and he was quickly taken to the hospital. Despite the immediate response, Pramote sadly couldn’t be saved.

Pattaya Mayor Poramase Ngampiches took to Facebook to express his deep sorrow over the loss of Pramote. The mayor fondly remembered him as a cooperative, dedicated, and kind-hearted colleague. Pramote was known for his humility, calm composure, and elegant presence. As a leader, his respect for collaboration, rational discussion, and problem-solving without resorting to authoritarian methods was highly admired. Pramote’s patience, composure, and strong work ethic served as an inspiration to all who knew him.

In honour of Pramote’s remarkable life and significant contributions to the city of Pattaya, a mourning ceremony will be conducted today at 2pm. This will be followed by the royal bathing ceremony at 4pm at Wat Sutthawas, Pattaya.

The community is invited to pay their respects and commemorate the life and work of a truly exceptional individual who served their city faithfully until his last moments, reported Phuket News.

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