Making a splash: Pattaya school dives into swimming education

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Pattaya City School 11 has introduced a basic swimming programme for its students, spearheaded by the Mayor of Pattaya City, Poramese Ngamphichet, aiming to not only equip young learners with crucial swimming skills but also to enhance sporting skills in students and promote water safety.

The significance of teaching swimming to children cannot be overstated. According to the Bureau of Non-Communicable Diseases, Department of Disease Control, around 1,500 Thai children tragically drown each year. This stark statistic highlights the urgent need for robust swimming education in schools to prevent such avoidable deaths.

Strong swimming skills play a pivotal role in holistic development as they enhance concentration, sensory awareness, and physical fitness by engaging various muscle groups. These benefits contribute to the overall well-being of the children, preparing them for a healthier lifestyle.

Learning to swim also instils confidence and ensures safety for children. It is a life skill that remains valuable into adulthood, enabling individuals to handle water-related situations with ease.

Beyond the immediate benefits, swimming fosters emotional resilience. The physical aspects involved foster a positive impact on mental health and emotional balance. Regular swimming sessions improve lung health, sleep quality, and appetite, contributing to better physical fitness and overall mood.

The swimming programme at Pattaya City School 11 also aims to inspire future athletes. By encouraging students to continue swimming, the initiative holds the potential to nurture the next generation of swimmers who could represent the city or even the country in various competitions.

Pattaya City officials understand that swimming is not just a recreational activity but an essential investment in the well-being of its youths. By providing students with the skills to navigate waters confidently, the city is committed to fostering confident and capable individuals, reported Pattaya News.

With this programme, Pattaya City aims to make a significant impact on the community by reducing the number of drowning incidents and promoting a healthy, active lifestyle among its youth.

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