Pattaya heightens safety measures ahead of Chinese and Kazakh tourist influx

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Pattaya, a renowned tourist destination in Thailand, is ramping up safety measures in anticipation of a surge in visitors from China and Kazakhstan.

Local police held a comprehensive safety inspection of floating restaurants and squid fishing rafts in Pattaya Bay yesterday, September 23, focusing on the establishments’ adherence to safety guidelines and legal obligations. This intensification of safety checks is in direct response to the upcoming visa waiver programme for Chinese and Kazakh tourists, set to launch tomorrow and continue until February 29, 2024.

The safety inspection, carried out by the Pattaya Police at 8pm yesterday, scrutinised various aspects of the chosen venues.

Officers verified the availability of life-saving equipment, checked for valid operating licences, and ensured the legality of alcohol sales at the restaurants. Pattaya Police Superintendent Police Colonel Thanaphong Phothi led the operation, urging venue operators to prioritise customer service and create a favourable impression on their guests.

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“They are also responsible for ensuring the safety of their customers by having clear signs outlining passenger behaviour guidelines on the boat and implementing barriers or ropes to prevent accidental falls into the sea.”

The majority of the inspected businesses were found to comply with safety regulations and legal requirements. Pol. Col. Thanaphong praised these establishments for their commitment to safety and adherence to guidelines, further enhancing the reputation of Pattaya as a safe and enjoyable tourist destination, reported The Pattaya News.

Following the boat inspections, Pattaya Police took to Pattaya Beach, a popular hangout spot for teenagers. Officers reminded beach-goers about legal restrictions, including the prohibition of carrying weapons and the requirement for minors to be accompanied by a legal guardian after dark.

In a previous patrol in early September, police officers discovered an array of illegal items. These included a homemade pistol, two rounds of ammunition, two small knives, and a small quantity of ecstasy pills. Two individuals were taken into custody for possession of these items, despite their claims of being mere weapon collectors.

This incident, combined with the impending arrival of Chinese and Kazakh tourists, has prompted the Pattaya authorities to increase safety measures and vigilance.

The city’s dedication to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors is evident in these comprehensive safety checks and heightened law enforcement.

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