Woman gets justice after washing her laundry in public

The pictures of tap water which were posted by Wichuda

A woman’s appeal for justice through social media has been successful after she was beaten by a member of the local authority in the La Haan Sai district of the Isaan province of Buriram.

Wichuda told the media that she was assaulted by a member of Buriram’s Subdistrict Administrative Organization because she complained about the plumbing.

The 27 year old says she couldn’t do any laundry because the tap water was dirty and had sediment.

She posted pictures on Facebook of the dirty water with a caption that said, “I just finished 3 baskets of clothes. I have 2 baskets left. When can I finish washing if the tap water is of bad quality and a weird color?”

An SAO member commented on the woman’s posts and accused her of ruining the image of the local authorities in the province.

Wichuda says the SAO member, a 35 year old transwoman called Songkram, came to visit her at home on Tuesday, June 7, and was pleasant at first. But when they stood in front of the house to discuss the issue Songkram screamed abuse at her and beat her up.

“You ruined my reputation, do you know that?”

Wichuda says the assault took place in front of her daughter, who was crying, and added that her mother had to beg for her life.

Wichuda filed a complaint with the local police but was nothing happened until the story went viral on Thai social media.

Local media yesterday revealed that justice has been done and an inspector from La Haan Sai Police Station questioned Wichuda before imposing charges on Songkram.

The police informed Thai media that the SAO officer was charged with breaking into another person’s residence and attacking them.

Police further revealed they would gather more evidence and submit it to the Office of the Attorney General for further prosecution.

SOURCE: Khaosod

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