Man accidentally shoots himself in the mouth in northeast Thailand

A man has accidentally shot and killed himself while loading gunpowder into his cap gun at a rubber plantation in Roi Et province, northeast Thailand, yesterday evening. Police suspect he was holding the trigger end of the gun with his toes and blowing gunpowder into the barrel with his mouth when he must have accidentally pulled the trigger.

The man’s wife returned from the village to discover 62 year old Nuchan Ponyiam lying face down in a pool of blood, having shot himself in the mouth.

Police suspect Nuchan suffered the same fate as another man who also shot himself in the mouth with a cap gun, also at a rubber plantation in Roi Et province, in April. Police found traces of gunpowder on the toes of a 40 year old man named Weerasak who died from shooting himself in the mouth with the same type of gun.

Nuchan’s 59 year old wife Laong Phonyiam testified to police that her husband went to work in the day and returned in the evening as normal. Laong went out to speak to some friends in the village, and when she returned to their home at a rubber plantation in Phon Thong district, she found her husband lying dead on the floor next to the gun.


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