Go looking for mushrooms, find 10 grenades – NE Thailand

PHOTO: The Nation

You’re just walking along, casually foraging for mushrooms when, behold, you come across 10 grenades! 10 LIVE grenades. That was the surprise awaiting a local mushroom picker in Si Sa Ket, North East Thailand, at the Huai Sala Wildlife Sanctuary.

58 year old Supin Thammaporn, was gathering mushrooms around the park when he found the unlikely cache of grenades. Military officials later confirmed all 10 were live. Supin immediately called local Army officials who sent out bomb disposal experts to the sanctuary to check the grenades.

It was not immediately obvious to Army officials on how the grenades had come to be left in the remote part of the sanctuary or who they had belonged to. Officials from the Phu Sing district have already started an investigation to determine if they were being stored in the sanctuary or left from some prior conflict or training exercise.

Supin, the mushroom collector, said he was happy nobody got injured from the grenades. Army officials commended the man for reporting the grenades. The 10 live weapons were removed and disposed of by the bomb disposal team.

SOURCE: The Nation

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