Brothers arrested for illegal online gun trade in Chachoengsao

Picture of police arresting two brothers at a building in Mueang district of Chachoengsao province on Wednesday, April 9, courtesy of Bangkok Post

The Thai authorities arrested a 23 year old man and his 17 year old brother for the alleged manufacture of illegal online guns. The operation was carried out in the Mueang district of Chachoengsao province, leading to the confiscation of 28 home-crafted guns, over 1,500 rounds of ammunition, and additional related items.

The arrest occurred during a police operation at a commercial property in the tambon Bang Phra of Mueang district. The action was orchestrated by Theeradet Thumsuthee, the investigative commander of the Metropolitan Police Bureau. The elder brother, Sarawut Wanit, was already a person of interest, with a warrant in his name issued by the Chachoengsao Provincial Court for dodging his military conscription.

The police operation, which took place on Wednesday, April 9, led to the seizure of the aforementioned 28 homemade guns, 1,559 bullets, 28 gun barrels, and other related items. The brothers are facing charges of collusion in the possession of firearms and ammunition without the necessary permissions, as well as the creation, modification, and repair of guns or ammunition for sale, again without the required permissions.

Theeradet revealed that police were tipped off by a Facebook page named Khlang Saeng Dek Chang, translating to technical college students’ arsenal. The page has gained significant popularity among gun buyers, especially among students of vocational and technical colleges.

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Metropolitan Police Bureau investigators discovered that these illegal firearms were being manufactured in Chachoengsao and sold to young customers throughout the country. Upon further investigation in Chachoengsao, they discovered information on the Facebook page about a gun-manufacturing site along the Bang Pakong River in the eastern province’s Mueang district.

Further probing led to the discovery of a commercial building near downtown Mueang district, which was being used as a gun manufacturing plant.

Manufacturing guns

Upon raiding the latter location, authorities discovered the two suspects engaged in the act of making guns on the upper floor of the structure. Guns, ammunition, and other items used for manufacturing guns were found inside the building.

Theeradet added that their ongoing investigation revealed the brothers had successfully sold over 1,000 guns before they were apprehended. Sarawut, during his interrogation, admitted to all the charges.

He disclosed to the police that he had completed Mathayom Suksa 6 but had not pursued any studies in mechanics or related fields. He claimed to have taught himself how to manufacture guns and upon discovering the lucrative nature of this venture decided to make it his career. He advertised his products on the Khlang Saeng Dek Chang Facebook page.

He also revealed that due to the popularity of his page, several fake Facebook pages using the same name had sprung up. These fraudulent pages had been duping people by taking money but not delivering the firearms.

Following the operation, Sarawut and his brother were handed over to officers at the Muang police station to face legal proceedings.

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