Walkway connecting Bangkok parks will be renovated in September

A walkway connecting Bangkok’s Lumpini and Benjakitti parks will be renovated in September. The walkway was first built in 1999. The renovation will give it better biking and running lanes, with flowers lining the sides. There will even be a park, as well as a rest area.

The walkway is being referred to as the ‘green bridge’, and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration says it’s meant to be a landmark for Bangkok. City Hall said it allocated 260 million baht to renovate the walkway. The BMA announced today that the renovation will begin this month.

The walkway used to be known as a ‘twilight zone’ due to its poor lighting. The BMA then approached the Urban Design and Development Centre for help. Eventually, the UDDC started meeting with local communities to ask how the bridge could be improved. The goal was to improve public space for them, as well as people passing by who were not from the community.

In the design for the upgraded bridge, lighting has been added to make it safer. In 2021, Thai PBS reported that the bridge couldn’t be made wheelchair friendly because of budget limitations.

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SOURCE: Bangkok Post | Thai PBS World

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