Walk-in driving license services now available in Thailand

Obtaining a new driving license or renewing an old one just got easier in Thailand. Walk-in services are now available at transport offices nationwide without the need to book an appointment, according to the Department of Land Transport (DLT).

Anyone wanting to renew their Thai driving license can obtain an ‘eLearning’ theoretical training certificate through the DLT’s website, which also has a “for foreigner” option.

To renew your license, bring your ‘eLearning’ certification and medical certificate to any transport office in the country. You are not required to book an appointment.

Alternatively, those wanting to renew their license without obtaining an eLearning theory certificate can train and take a test at any of the DLT’s offices, so long as they bring their original driving license, ID, and medical certificate with them. However, it will take longer.

Additionally, holders of two-year driving licenses who wish to change to five-year driving licenses, as well as people needing replacements for lost or damaged licenses, and those applying for the first time in Thai or English, can use the walk-in service too.

If you’d rather not wait around, you can still reserve an appointment through the DLT Smart Queue service.

Offices will serve those who booked an appointment in advance first. Walk-ins will first have their documentation examined by an officer before being given an appointment time to return.

The DLT warns the public that there are a lot of scams right now of people claiming they can get you a driving license outside the DLT’s system.

The DLT asks the public not to be fooled by such crooks who could misuse your personal documents and information.

The only way to obtain or renew a driving license in Thailand is through the DLT directly.

You can report such activity to the DLT’s 24-hour hotline, 1584.

Deputy Director of the DLT, Seksom Akkaphan, said that the department scrapped walk-ins during the pandemic as a Covid-19 prevention measure. In 2023, Thailand’s Covid-19 situation has calmed down, so the measure is no longer necessary, said Seksom.

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