Vaccines for foreigners: 105k AstraZeneca, 150k Pfizer

PHOTO: Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines have been alloted to include 255,000 for foreigners. (via Flickr)

As Bangkok heads into lockdown and protest groups declare the government’s handling of Covid-19 incompetent, the cry is spreading that only one thing really solves this crisis: vaccines. And as the Delta variant that Sinovac vaccines are ineffective against is poised to become the dominant strain of Covid-19 in Thailand over the next few weeks, Thailand is looking for AstraZeneca, Pfizer and other vaccines to effectively inoculate those most in need including foreigners.

While the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration announced increased testing, more field hospitals, quarantining at home for mild infections, community quarantines, and even the application of traditional Thai remedies to supplement modern medicine, vaccination is still the most effective solution to winning the battle against Covid-19.

Their deputy spokesperson laid out the plans for the 1.5 million Pfizer vaccines en route, and the 1.05 AstraZeneca doses already arrived in Thailand as a donation from Japan. It had been announced earlier that the vaccines would be focused on the greater Bangkok area residents, especially those over 60 years old or at risk due to one of 7 designated health conditions but now included others including foreigners.

The CCSA added frontline workers to the list of those most in need, and also people like students, diplomats, and athletes that need the Pfizer vaccine to travel abroad. And they singled out foreigners living in Thailand, especially those with cancer or chronic diseases, as in dire need of vaccines.

And so the government gave some exact figures on distribution this week. They say 945,000 AstraZeneca vaccines will go to Thai people while 105,000 are earmarked for foreigners. Aside from Bangkok and the surrounding 5 provinces, some will be made available in Chonburi, Phuket, Rayong, and Chachoengsao.

The incoming Pfizer vaccines will be divided with 1.35 million vaccines going to Thai nationals and 150,000 reserved for foreigners living in Thailand. In total, 255,000 of the non-Sinovac vaccines have been reserved for expats and while that isn’t enough to vaccinate the entire foreigner population, it’s at least a start.

SOURCE: Prachathai

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