Unjust arrest sparks outrage over police corruption in Thailand

A 50 year old Thai man aired his grievances about police corruption after being unjustly arrested for illegal possession of a gun that was not his. The police demanded a 50,000 baht bail fee, which was eventually negotiated to 20,000 baht, in exchange for his release.

The victim, Piboon Tanthai, claimed that someone had left the gun at his house just before the police raided his home today.

The event unravelled in Phatthalung Province, where Piboon lives. The police, without a search warrant, barged into his residence and found a long-barrelled gun in a fertiliser sack on the premises. Piboon was then taken into custody for further investigation at a police station in Phatthalung.

The charges of illegal possession of firearms were levelled against Piboon, who spent over three hours in the interrogation room. He revealed that during the questioning, the police discussed a sum of 50,000 baht to clear the case without proceeding with the charges. Piboon, unable to afford the amount, negotiated it down to 20,000 baht. He then contacted his wife to borrow the money to pay the police investigators.

“On December 4, a 30 year old man known as Chee Games, who I know from construction work, came by on his motorbike and left a bag of fertiliser. Inside was the long-barrelled gun he wanted me to repair.

“I told him I was a house repairman, not a gun repairer, and asked him to take it back.”

Piboon further explained how Chee Games left in a hurry after a phone call and the police arrived less than an hour later. The police did not believe the gun was not his, even after Piboon gave them Chee Games’ phone number.

“If my wife hadn’t managed to borrow the money, I would be in jail or have to find the money to hire a lawyer to fight the case. I hardly have any money and I have two children studying. I am very angry with the law enforcement officers who take advantage of villagers. They exploit the suffering of the people.”

Old Man Tears

A 53 year old man named Atthawut, a resident of Phatthalung, and a friend of Piboon, claimed he rushed to the police station after Piboon’s wife informed him about the arrest. He was not allowed to meet Piboon until Piboon’s wife had paid the negotiated amount of 20,000 baht.

Upon checking CCTV footage, it was discovered that Chee Games was seen driving a blue-white Honda Wave motorcycle and carrying a red-white fertiliser sack. He was caught leaving the police station very quickly. About an hour later, five police investigators arrived in a white Toyota pickup truck to search the premises and took Piboon into custody.

Piboon’s story provides a glimpse into the alleged corruption within the Thai police force, revealing a system where innocence can be bought, and justice can be denied. His case calls for a thorough investigation and possible reforms within the law enforcement agencies, reported KhaoSod.

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