Trang beach tragedy: 20 year old student missing as group ignores red flag warning

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A 20 year old university student has gone missing while swimming with school friends on a beach in the southern province of Trang, Thailand. The incident occurred on the beach in Libong subdistrict, Kantang district, where the young man and three other students were swept away by a 3-meter wave. Locals and friends were able to save three students, but the young man remains missing.

In total, there was a group of 16 tourists, including the missing man and his friends, some of whom had set out to swim despite red warning flags on the beach. The group included the missing man’s friends, who tried to help when he started to struggle but ultimately lost strength and disappeared underwater. As of 11pm yesterday search efforts have continued without success, despite the combined forces of local officials, Park Chief of the Mai Khao Beach National Park, locals, and local police, reported KhaoSod.

The search had to pause earlier due to harsh weather conditions and high sea waves but has resumed. Officials have declared that they will continue the search operation without pause until the missing man is found. These efforts are challenged by uncontrollable factors, including weather conditions and sea waves, which may require a review of the search strategy if the missing student cannot be found during the night search. A follow-up search mission is planned for the early morning today, around 5.30am.

The park chief reiterated the public warnings against swimming during the monsoon season on the Andaman Sea, highlighting the cooperation sought from local businesses. Large red flags, signifying dangerous conditions, are placed at various points along the beach, from Pak Meng Beach, to Yong Ling Beach, to Long Beach in this case. The meaning of these red flags is well-explained, warning all tourists that swimming could result in danger.

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