Tourist police crackdown on overcharging on Khao San Road

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Bangkok Tourist Police on Khao San Road yesterday were approached by several angry foreign tourists after they had been ripped off. The victims told officers that tuk tuk and taxi drivers in the area had tricked them into buying expensive products and services.

According to the Bangkok Tourist Police, some tuk tuk and taxi drivers near Khao San Road reportedly approached foreign visitors, convinced them to use their services and then overcharged them. Some drivers even coordinated with local shops and sellers and sold products to foreigners at inflated prices.

The officers took immediate action and summoned the drivers and sellers involved in the scam. They also warned them to cease their illegal activities or else they would be fined.

North Bangkok Tourist Police patrolled Khao San Road and nearby areas yesterday to ensure that the issue was resolved and found that there were no further reports of illegal activities.

In addition to patrolling the area, officers visited each hotel nearby to install signs warning foreigners to be aware of the scam. The signs also recommended that tourists check the standard or market price with locals, hotel staff, or on the Internet before purchasing.

Scams and overcharging incidents against foreign tourists in Thailand have been reported by both Thai and international media agencies.

One of the most common scams reported is overcharging by tuk tuk and taxi drivers. Vendors and restaurants also reportedly charge foreigners much more than the standard price, especially in touristy spots.

In January, vendors at the popular religious site in Bangkok, Erawan Shrine, were condemned by Thai netizens for selling religious offerings to foreign tourists at a very expensive price. One set of offerings was offered to a Chinese tourist for over 10,000 baht.

Similarly, last year, a woman complained on social media that a laundry shop in Pattaya overcharged her foreign boyfriend 500 baht for only 11 pieces of clothes. Foreign tourists have also reported being charged much more for beach chair rentals on Hua Hin Beach compared to locals.

Tourist police crackdown on overcharging on Khao San Road | News by Thaiger

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