Thailand to unveil five-year digital nomad visa

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Thailand is on the verge of launching a much-anticipated digital nomad visa, granting remote workers the golden opportunity to reside and work in the country hassle-free for up to five years.

In the past, Thailand unveiled the Thailand Elite Visa to attract foreign expatriates and tourists, offering unlimited entry and exit privileges alongside membership in the esteemed Thailand Privilege programme. However, the initiative was criticised as excessively costly, deterring numerous digital nomads and tourists from considering extended stays in Thailand.

Created by Thailand Privilege Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, members can enjoy premium benefits and a hassle-free visa experience, making it the most convenient and rewarding way to secure a future in the Land of Smiles.

Nicknamed the “digital nomad visa,” this revolutionary scheme offers unprecedented flexibility for those seeking to blend work with the allure of Thailand’s tropical charm.

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Under this scheme, holders of the multiple-entry visa can luxuriate in a stay of 180 days per year, extendable for another 180 days, all for the cost of a mere 10,000 baht. Yet, while the initial fee stands at 10,000 baht, applicants must abide by the requirement of exiting and re-entering the country every 180 days, accompanied by an additional fee of £212.20 (approximately 9,900 baht) per cycle.

Though comprehensive application details are pending, preliminary criteria have been disclosed:

  • Applicant must be a minimum of 20 years old;
  • Demonstrate financial capability to cover visa expenses;
  • Exhibit a bank balance of at least £10,687;
  • Furnish evidence of employment with a registered company.

Previously, digital nomads were confined to Thailand’s borders on tourist visas, limited to a mere 60-day stay. However, with this visionary visa, the Thai government anticipates a substantial boost to tourism, aligning with its broader agenda of economic revitalisation.

Thailand now joins an illustrious roster of nations embracing the digital nomad revolution. From Spain to Dubai, countries worldwide are rolling out similar initiatives, opening their doors to the global remote workforce, reported Sky News.

Whether it’s the sun-kissed shores of Portugal or the cultural tapestry of Italy, remote work has never been more tantalisingly accessible.

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