Thailand tackles delivery rider accidents with defensive driving training

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Last year, 81 delivery riders suffered road accidents in Thailand, leading to 28 fatalities and 36 severe injuries. Speeding, lane violations, using mobile phones while driving, and time pressures for delivery were identified as the primary causes.

Kongkarn Takhiranrit, the acting director of the Social Risk Control Office at the Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth), revealed that delivery riders and motorcycle taxis account for a significant number of Thailand’s reported road accident fatalities. She indicated that there are 5,556 motorcycle taxi service stations across Bangkok alone, with a total of 84,547 registered riders.

Kongkarn pointed out that both delivery riders and motorcycle taxi drivers show a deficiency in traffic risk assessment skills, indicating a pressing need for defensive driving training to help reduce road accidents.

In an effort to address this issue, a seminar was held on Thursday by the delivery rider and motorcycle taxi safety management subcommittee to reinforce road safety among riders.

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Kongkarn updated seminar attendees that the Social Risk Control Office has devised defensive driving guidelines for delivery riders and motorcycle taxis.

This initiative was supported by the Thailand Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and the Labour Ministry, reported Bangkok Post.

The project received financial backing from ThaiHealth, Road Safety Thailand, the Road Safety Policy Foundation, Purple Ventures Co Ltd (Robinhood), the Motorcycle Taxis and Delivery Riders Association, and its network.

Sombat Puttasamrit, the business development manager at SCG Skills Development Co Ltd, highlighted at the event that his company is collaborating with ThaiHealth and Road Safety Thailand to provide defensive driving training courses for delivery and motorcycle taxi riders.

Sombat noted that the courses would cover crucial areas such as traffic law, mental preparedness, fatigue management, risk assessment, and solutions for both expected and unexpected situations. The aim of these training sessions is to increase safety awareness and encourage rider networks to propagate safe driving practices.

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