Thailand ranks 9th in 10 Cheapest Places to Live list by Forbes

Thailand and Italy secured joint 9th place in Forbes magazine’s list “Quit Your Job and Move Abroad: 10 Cheapest Places to Live” list published on Monday.

Forbes compiled a list of desirable locations to live aimed not only at retirees but anyone who wants to quit their job, pack up shop and start a new life for an affordable price…

“This is the year to pursue the dream: Quit your job and move to one of the cheapest (and best) places to live in the world, a country where it costs so little you might be able to stop working.”

Experts at International Living, who release an Annual Global Retirement Index, used their extensive knowledge and data to select the top 10 cheapest and most adventurous countries to settle down in.

Thailand was the only Asian destination to make the cut…

Forbes’ Top 10 Cheapest Places to Live 2023

  1. Portugal
  2. Mexico
  3. Panama
  4. Ecuador
  5. Costa Rica
  6. Spain
  7. Greece
  8. France
  9. Italy/Thailand

International Living expert Rachel Devlin explained why Thailand made the Top 10…

“There is no doubt that the allure of Thailand begins with its sun-drenched, warm climate and appeals to those who have a keen sense of adventure and an eye for natural and cultural beauty.”

Devlin attributed Thailand’s charm to its unique history…

“Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia that wasn’t colonised by any European countries and therefore maintains a culture untouched by any other influences.”

Thailand is a big place. Where exactly should one move to?

“Its diverse natural beauty means that expats are spread from islands surrounded by emerald waters, the high-rise metropolis of Bangkok or the rice fields and laidback lifestyle of Northern Thailand.”

Most importantly, what is the cost of living in Thailand?

According to International Living, a couple can expect to spend just US$1,596 per month living in Thailand.

Forbes commended Thailand’s cheap rent rates and cheap real estate

“Foreigners are able to buy condos very easily and there are bargains everywhere. It is possible to buy a two-bedroom condo for under US$30,000.”

“Rentals can be as cheap as US$180 per month if you need something small and quaint.”

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