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Thailand News Today – Monday, May 4

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Thailand News Today – Monday, May 4 | The Thaiger
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Coronation Day in Thailand

Today is the first anniversary since HM King Maha Vajiralongkorn ascended the throne and became the tenth king of the Chakri dynasty.

Last year’s ceremonies were held between May 2 – 4 with the actual coronation of the new King happening on the third day. One thing Thailand does particularly well is grand ceremony and HM’s coronation was a broad spectacle given full live coverage on the television with thousands of Thais lining the streets to capture some of the pomp and ceremony. The last crowning of a Thai King was for his father, Kong Bhumibol Adulyadej on May 5, 1950.

National ban on alcohol sales Wednesday

There will be another day of bans on alcohol sales this Wednesday with one of the sacred Buddhist holidays, Visakha Buscha Day.

The ban is nothing to do with Covid-19 or the recent provincial bans on buying alcohol. The ban on alcohol sales was lifted yesterday in all but six provinces. There was a rush on stores carrying alcohol with Macro and Tesco saying they were close to running out of stock despite being ready for the onslaught of sales when the doors opened yesterday.

Whilst the Covid-19 ban is now lifted the country will have another 24 hour ban on sales from just after midnight on Tuesday, throughout Wednesday.

Owners of Pattaya nightlife venues discuss Covid-19 regulations for re-opening

The owners of entertainment establishments in Pattaya held a meeting at the city’s Hollywood Club over the weekend to exchange ideas on appropriate safety measures to implement as part of a future re-opening.

For now, all bars and clubs around Thailand are closed until further notice as part of measures in place to prevent a re-ignition of new cases of the Covid-19 virus.

The 20 business owners attended the meeting and between them came up with a variety of suggestions that can be put forward. Looks like, though there was plenty of ideas between them at the meeting, there wasn’t much distance.

The ideas proposed included the mandatory wearing of masks, bar staff to wear face shields and gloves, temperature checks at every venue, a limit on the number of customers admitted and the logging of ID and passport numbers for possible contact tracing.

Pattaya bar raided, 8 arrested for violating emergency decree

Meanwhile police in Pattaya raided a small bar just outside the city for violating the Covid-19 emergency decree by being open and selling alcohol.

The raid took place at The Pussycat Club in Nongprue at 9pm on Saturday. Police officers were acting following a tip-off that the bar was open and selling alcohol. 8 people, 5 Thais and 3 foreigners, were found to be drinking on the premises, violating the ban on social gathering for the purpose of consuming alcohol.

Over 500 Thais fly home today and straight into quarantine

The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration announced today that 581 Thais have returned from 5 countries.

Over the weekend the flights with repatriating Thais arrived from Maldives, Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain, Russia, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands and UAE.

Some 4165 Thais have now returned from 24 countries since April 4, not including the thousands who have returned across the land borders.

Blacktipped reef sharks return to Koh Hong, Krabi

Marine officials have reported schools of blacktipped reef sharks around the waters of Koh Hong in Krabi, another case of recovery of the local ecosystems around the area.

Than Bok Khorani National Park staff were checking the area around Koh Hong and came across dozens of Blacktipped reef sharks swimming and feeding along the shores in Krabi province.

They reported that there could be a group up up to 50 Blacktipped reef sharks, with a body length of almost 1 metre. They were chasing after mullet fish, a rare sight to see according to the marine officials.

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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Thailand Covid-19 figures (May 29)




Thailand Covid-19 figures (May 29) | The Thaiger

The spokesman for the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration, Dr Taweesilp has reported 11 new cases of Covid-19 virus in Thailand, same as yesterday. Of the number, all were reported as imported cases coming from Kuwait.

All Thai nationals returning from overseas are placed into a mandatory 14 day state quarantine with no exposure to the general public. For the 4th day in a row, Thailand has announced zero locally transmitted cases.

Dr Taweesilp, says…

“The returnees were of working age and were either asymptomatic or only had mild symptoms.”

“Many people may feel comfortable because there are no new locally infected cases. This goes along with the general feeling as we are further easing the lockdown.”

The total number of local Covid-19 cases is now 3,076. Of these, 2,945 (96%) had made a full recovery while 74 remains in hospitals.

The accumulated death toll in Thailand from Covid-19 is 57.

“Thailand ranked 77th in the number of Covid-19 cases worldwide; the US, Brazil and Russia were in the top rank.”

Chonburi province has gone 35 days without a single new confirmed case of the virus. Pattaya City is at 45 days without a single new confirmed case.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post | Pattaya News

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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

No new Covid-19 cases in 65 provinces for a month

Jack Burton



No new Covid-19 cases in 65 provinces for a month | The Thaiger
PHOTO: Thailand Medical News

The Covid-19 situation in Thailand is improving: the Ministry of Public Health announced yesterday that 65 of Thailand’s 76 provinces have reported no new cases for a full month. But it says the situation is “still not stable enough”, and the government continues to screen people returning from abroad and is proactively testing suspected cases.

The deputy director-general of the Department of Disease Control says that the number of cases in Thailand is relatively low and is divided into 2 main groups: Thai nationals returning from abroad and people who had close contact with previous cases. Returnees are placed in mandatory 14 day quarantine to see if they develop symptoms.

But academics have pointed out that there may still be some people infected with the virus without showing symptoms in areas around the country. They have not been tested and could potentially infect others. Therefore, they say, the Ministry of Public Health needs to stay proactive in maintaining a wide ranging testing program. (Thailand has not had a “wide ranging testing program”. Thailand has tested 5,380 people per 1 million population. In comparison, Singapore has tested 57,250 people per 1 million population.)

The Thai ministry’s caution shows an extreme risk-aversion when compared to many other countries that are now opening up despite much higher rates of transmission, but with certain precautions and restrictions in place.

An analysis of the numbers of infections in different parts of Thailand shows 10 provinces have had no cases at all. However, 42 provinces have a fatality rate of 0.1 to 1%, 18 provinces have a rate of 1.1 to 5%, 2 provinces have 5.1 to 10% and 5 provinces have a death rate higher than 10%.

In the past month, 65 provinces reported no new cases. Although the figures are low, it’s is possible that some people are asymptomatic, particularly in greater Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Chonburi and the 4 southern border provinces.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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Immigration police catch 54 illegal immigrants at Thai-Cambodia border

Maya Taylor



Immigration police catch 54 illegal immigrants at Thai-Cambodia border | The Thaiger
PHOTO: Nation Thailand

Thai immigration police have arrested a Cambodian man along with 53 other Cambodian nationals he had smuggled across the border into Thailand. The arrests took place in the province of Sa Kaeo, about 200 kilometres east of Bangkok.

Immigration police catch 54 illegal immigrants at Thai-Cambodia border | News by The Thaiger

The man, named as 46 year old La Peun, confessed to police that the migrants had paid him 3,000 baht each to be taken to Thailand. According to a report in Nation Thailand, the group, consisting of 32 men and 21 women, all without passports, were hoping to secure work in Thailand.

They have been charged with entering the country illegally and detained for legal processing and are likely to be deported in coming days.

SOURCE: Nation Thailand

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