Thailand committee meeting with North Korean diplomats draws criticism

Facebook/ คุณหญิงกัลยา โสภณพนิช

A meeting between Thailand’s committee on computer coding and North Korean ambassadors yesterday drew criticism from Thais. The vice president of the committee made a post about the meeting on her Facebook page, saying the committee met with the diplomats at the Embassy of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in Bangkok to discuss working together on coding projects. The Facebook post drew negative comments and has since been taken down.

The Vice President of the committee, Kanlaya Sophonpanich, and other authorities met with the North Korean ambassador, Kim Je Bong, yesterday to discuss the coding studies and projects to improve knowledge of coding among Thais. The two countries were prepared to work together in various dimensions like coding in education, agricultural, medical equipment, science and technology, and innovation.

The Thai cabinet had appointed the national coding committee to encourage computer coding learning for primary school to high school students to keep up with today’s learning standards. Students would first learn critical thinking and problem solving skills, which are fundamental skills for computer coding.

SOURCE: คุณหญิงกัลยา โสภณพนิช | Royal Thai Government

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