Thai YouTuber criticised after teaching rude word to foreigner

A transgender YouTuber, Nisamanee “Nat” Lertworapong, faced a backlash of negative comments from Thai netizens after she taught a naughty Thai word to a Singaporean friend and insulted the kingdom’s women with a sexist statement.

Nisamanee is a famous Thai YouTuber and beauty blogger with about 1.84 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.7 million followers on her Facebook page.

The video that caused drama among Thai netizens was posted last Tuesday, September 3. The video featured her trip to Singapore and the street food stalls and shops she tried with her friends.

Nisamanee invited her Singaporean friend to be her guide in recommending must-try street food stores in the country.

In a part of the video, Nisamanee taught her Singaporean friend to say เงี่ยน (ngean) which is a rude word in Thai, that means horny. Nisamanee told her friend…

“When you meet someone who looks good, you can say, wow! I’m ngean (เงี่ยน or horny).”

It offended some netizens who said Nisamanee should not teach foreigners words like that.

Aside from teaching Thai words, some netizens caught out Nisamanee saying something sexist. She said…

“Thai women don’t have much money. Transwomen are better girlfriends because they are rich and can give money to a man.”

A number of Thai women and transwomen said she was being sexist and insulting toward Thai women. Some netizens commented…

“No manners. Teaching that word to a foreigner. That person didn’t know the meaning of the word and might accidentally insult others. You are 30 years old. Old enough to think about it by yourself. You might be close to each other, but it shouldn’t be featured in public like this.”

“You can say how best your gender is, but you shouldn’t insult others. Why do you have to say Thai women don’t have much money? Why do you have to look down on them?”

“People, including women, get called out for LGBTQ+ rights, but here a transwoman looks down on women.”

Some netizens agreed that the content was inappropriate and sexist, but others reckoned it was just harmless entertaining stuff.

SOURCE: Khaosod | Dailynews

SOURCE: Khaosod | Dailynews

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