Thai woman abuses daughter to extort money from British husband

Photo via PPTV HD and Matichon

Police arrested a Thai woman in Samut Prakarn province near Bangkok yesterday, May 6, after shocking video footage emerged of the woman physically abusing her seven year old daughter to extort money from her British husband.

A 61 year old community leader, Somsri Ngamprasert, filed a complaint against a Thai woman named Sudarat on behalf of her British husband named Adrian at Bangpu Police Station in Samut Prakarn province.

According to Somsri, Adrian could no longer tolerate Sudarat’s repeated abuse of their daughter. Sudarat would physically harm the girl during video calls with Adrian, threatening to kill her if he refused to send money.

Adrian recorded these video calls and gave the evidence to Sudarat’s ex-husband for help. Her ex-husband then shared the video with the community leader, leading to legal action.

The video showed Sudarat strangling her daughter with a rope and threatening to kill her if she did not receive the desired amount of money. Adrian also claimed that Sudarat had previously pointed a gun at the girl’s head.

After Somsri filed the complaint, she attempted to rescue the girl from Sudarat’s home but she had already fled. Police conducted an investigation and later arrested Sudarat at a rented room yesterday, May 6.

Relocation plan

Somsri told PPTV HD that Sudarat had one son, now 14 years old, from a previous marriage before marrying Adrian. Adrian returned to the UK for work but sent money to Sudarat every month to care for their child.

Sudarat began demanding more money from Adrian and would physically abuse Alice during video calls if Adrian refused.

Sudarat’s son, A, also told the media that he had been physically abused by his mother. He didn’t understand why she demanded so much money. A said he was scared of his mother and was worried about the safety of Alice.

He suspects his mother is suffering from a mental illness and hopes relevant departments to provide her a proper treatment.

Sudarat is currently being questioned at Bangpu Police Station and charges are pending. Adrian plans to travel to Thailand next month to bring his daughter back to the UK.


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