Thai vaccination now accepted in the EU Digital Covid Certificate

PHOTO: Thailand vaccine passports are now added to the EU Digital Covid Certificate program. (via Twitter)

In a move that will help expats and travellers who have weathered the Covid-19 pandemic in Thailand, the European Union is now accepting Covid-19 vaccination certificates and passports issued in Thailand as part of the EU Digital Covid Certificate. The announcement was made on a Twitter account belonging to the deputy chief of mission for the EU delegation to Thailand.

The tweet confirmed that Thailand has now connected its vaccination database to the EU Digital Covid Certificate System so data can be shared and Thai vaccine passports can be recognised as valid. The addition came as part of a decision by the European Commission taking effect on Wednesday that deemed the vaccination documentation of Thailand, Montenegro, Taiwan, Tunisia, and Uruguay as officially equivalent to the EU Digital Covid Certificate and therefore fully accepted for entry into the EU.

That confirmation of equivalency is determined after a technical assessment of the digital certificates issued by each of the 5 countries by the EU services found them secure and valid. By being deemed as equal, Thailand will join the list of countries whose vaccination documentation will be accepted under the same conditions as the EU Digital Covid Certificate.

Essentially, holders of a vaccination passport issued by the Ministry of Public Health in Thailand will be treated equally as those who hold the EU Digital Covid Certificate, allowing greater ease and flexibility in travel. Thailand also agreed to reciprocate, vowing to give full acceptance to travellers arriving from any EU nation and carrying the digital certificate.

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The Ministry of Public Health says that the Thailand Digital Health Pass will be accepted from January, accessible on the Mor Prom app though many expats have reported trouble using the app.

The EU Digital Covid Certificate is now connected to 5 continents and 60 countries total in their rollout. The Commissioner for Justice lauded the success of the implementation, saying the certificate adds value to travel safety.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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