Thai Senator to sue cyberbullies after Prime minister bid fallout

Supporters of the Move Forward Party stage a protest in Bangkok, Thailand, Friday, July 14, 2023. (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit)

In the face of escalating online threats against him and his kin, Senator Somchai Sawaengkan announced he is preparing litigation against the cyber-bullies responsible. The threats transpired after the failed bid of Pita Limjaroenrat, head of the Move Forward Party (MFP), for the position of prime minister.

Somchai yesterday revealed that he, alongside other senators, is in the process of collating evidence required to take legal action against these figurative Internet trolls. They believe that these individuals launched threats against the senators and their family members following a joint meeting which held a vote for the new prime minister on Thursday. Out of all the votes cast, only 13 senators supported the motion, whilst a majority of 159 chose to abstain, and a smaller grouping of 34 voted against it.

In the course of the Parliament’s debate preceding the vote, Senator Somchai stated that he would not bestow his support on Pita for the coveted position.

Somchai noted that ever since this day, a significant number of MFP supporters have resorted to posting malicious messages aimed at him and his family, with even his son’s Instagram account becoming a target. Somchai said…

“Such behaviour cannot be condoned. The situation continues to deteriorate each day, as individuals expressing differing opinions are subjected to online bullying, even receiving death threats against them and their families.”

He added that those senators who similarly found themselves victims of this form of cyber harassment will also be joining him in pursuing legal action. According to Somchai, they will be submitting the gathered evidence to the Technology Crime Suppression Division for assistance in their endeavour, reported Bangkok Post.

A few days ago, about 30 MFP supporters gathered at the Mingmongkol Statue in Queen Sirikit Park to show their support for Pita For more information about the story, click the link HERE.

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