Thai man’s high-speed driving ends with minor injuries (video)

A 21 year old Thai man yesterday thanked his lucky stars after only sustaining minor injuries when driving his car at a high speed, crashing into two vehicles in front of him, before falling off a bridge onto Rama V Intersection in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok.

The accident occurred on the bridge over Nakhon-in Road and Rama V Intersection at around 11.30am yesterday, May 26. The Facebook page, FM91 Trafficpro, shared dashcam footage of the accident drawing numerous complaints about the injured driver, 21 year old Nattawut.

In the video, the grey Honda Jazz subcompact car is seen driving at high speed in the left lane and attempting to pass between two vehicles, an Isuzu D-Max pickup in the left lane and a Mitsubishi Expander SUV in the middle lane.

The gap between the two cars was too narrow for any vehicle to pass, causing the Honda to hit both vehicles. The SUV was seen swerving to the left and hitting the Honda, causing it to fall off the bridge.

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There was no report on whether the SUV driver intended to hit the Honda Jazz but netizens expressed their impression of the act. Many of them condemned the Honda driver and agreed that he deserved the injury because of his reckless driving.

Channel 7 reported that the Mitsubishi SUV exhibited crash damage on its left side, with its front left wheel blown off. Similarly, the Isuzu pickup sustained damage at the rear, resulting in a broken tail light.

An officer from the Nonthaburi Provincial Police, Watcharapong Chomkaew, told Channel 7 that the accident was first reported to Bang Kruai Police Station and later to the Nonthaburi Provincial Police.

Watcharapong stated that officers had not yet investigated the cause of the accident and had not received an update on Nattawut’s condition.

A rescuer from the Ruam Katanyu Foundation, Kiattisak Buaklup, revealed that Nattawut was not under the influence of alcohol. He sustained minor injuries to his mouth and chest.

Honda Jazz fell off bridge
Photo via MRG Online

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