Thai fisherman hooked in pipe rescued by garbage collector

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In an unfortunate twist of fate, a Thai man managed to get trapped in a drainage pipe for two days after a fishing trip in the Isaan province of Maha Sarakham. Fortunately, a garbage collector heard his cries for help and promptly reeled in a rescue team on March 4.

A Thai garbage collector heard the victim, 45 year old Runjuan, crying for help from the drainage pipe along the Nadune-Maha Sarakham Road in the Nadune district at about 1pm yesterday, March 4. The man investigated the sound and discovered Runjuan trapped inside the pipe. He then sought help from the Yang Nakhon Rescue Foundation and Nadune Hospital.

Upon reaching the scene, rescue teams found Runjuan stuck in the 80-centimeter diameter pipe. One end of the pipe was covered with dirt and mud, and the water level at the other end was too high for Runjuan to escape. Runjuan was located about 20 meters from the pipe’s exit.

Rescuers worked to clear the dirt and mud, gradually releasing the dead fish that Runjuan caught. After a two-hour operation, they successfully extracted Runjuan from the pipe. Runjuan, exhausted, was promptly taken to the hospital for a health check.

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Runjuan’s father, Muan, revealed to Channel 7 that his son had disappeared for two days. He left their home for fishing and never came back. Muan searched for him until he found his bicycle near the drainage pipe but he did not inspect the pipe closely and did not expect his son to be stuck inside.

A local living nearby mentioned to the media that she had seen Runjuan fishing at the spot and assumed he had already gone home. She hadn’t heard any cries for help in the past two days.

The father said it was lucky that the garbage collector managed to locate his son.

A similar incident was reported in June last year when a Thai security guard heard the voice from the 3-metre deep sewer in Pattaya and followed the voice to discover the American man trapped there.

The foreigner was safely rescued. The foreign man claimed that he had accidentally fallen into an uncovered sewer and had been walking in search of an exit until he encountered the security guard.

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