Thai man murders wife’s ex-husband after seeing them have sex in Chiang Mai

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An outraged Thai man allegedly murdered his wife’s ex-husband after he caught her having sex with him last night in the northern province of Chaing Mai. The killer’s 16 year old son reportedly took part in the gruesome murder.

Jom Thong Police Station officers and the Intanon Rescue Team rushed to the rented room in the Jom Thong district of Chaing Mai to intervene in the dispute. To the officers’ shock, they discovered the lifeless body of a 40 year old Thai man named Songkran.

Songkran was lying naked in a pool of blood inside the room with blood dripping from a severe head wound. Rescuers administered CPR but could not save his life.

The alleged murderer, 38 year old Wantanat, presented himself to the officers and confessed to being the killer. Wantanat was also injured and had a wound on the middle finger of his right hand. Wantanat’s 16 year old son, A, was also at the scene and reportedly admitted to helping his father kill Songkran.

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Police questioned Wantanat and discovered that Songkran was the ex-husband of his 33 year old wife, Bee. Bee had disappeared from their home so Wantanat tracked her down and found her in Songkran’s room.

As Wantanat was about to enter the room, he looked through the window and saw his wife and her ex-husband having sex. Consumed by anger and jealousy, Wantanat broke into the room and hit Songkran on the head with a glass bottle.

A helped protect his father from Songkran, who tried to defend himself, and was injured by a broken glass bottle. Wantanat then strangled Songkran with a rope until he died.

Wantanat reported that Bee had fled the room and did not know where she had gone. He decided to wait to give himself up to the police at the scene.

Wantanat and his son were taken to the police station for further questioning. Officers have not provided an update yet or whether Bee would be called in for questioning.

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