Thai man caught drink driving accuses 5 cops of assault and theft

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A Thai man accused five police officers from Nong Hin Police Station in the Isaan province of Loei of brutally assaulting him, and stealing his gold necklace and 1,000 baht in cash after officers arrested him for drink driving.

The family of 42 year old Santi asked Channel 7 to help them seek justice, accusing five policemen from Nong Hin Police Station of physically abusing Santi while he was in custody for drink driving at about 10pm on Friday, June 28.

Santi’s 46 year old relative, Thunchanok, revealed to the media that a drunk Santi was riding his motorbike to search for his runaway wife. He met two police officers outside his home and the officers searched him at a grocery store in the community.

A police pickup truck collected Santi and took him to the police station. Then, an undercover police officer sent him home. Santi revealed to Thunchanok and his 21 year old son, Surasak, that five police officers, whose names he could not remember, physically assaulted him, and stole a gold necklace and money.

Surasak disclosed that he took his father to Nong Hin Hospital and told medical workers that his father had been assaulted by police. Surasak claimed that the hospital refused to treat his father after learning about the police assault and insisted he take his father home.

Another relative of Santi, 42 year old Namfon, told Channel 7 that she later transferred Santi to the same hospital the following morning. A doctor rushed Santi to the intensive care unit due to a collapsed lung before transferring him to Loei Hospital.

Police deny allegation

According to Namfon, Santi is now in stable condition but is unable to communicate due to wounds and bruises on his face. He told the family that the police put handcuffs on his wrists and brutally attacked him at the police station.

The superintendent of Nong Hin Police Station, Terdsak Boonchote, assured that officers did not brutally assault Santi as he and his family members claimed. Santi engaged in an argument and physical altercation with his wife before meeting the police. The wounds and bruises on his face were a result of the domestic argument.

Officers warned Santi to return home and avoid riding while intoxicated but he refused. Accordingly, officers had to take Santi to the police station. Santi bit one police officer, fought other officers, destroyed objects at the station and attempted to flee.

Santi’s rampage gave him more wounds and bruises. Terdsak added that Santi crashed into a door while he tried to escape from the police station, worsening his injuries.

Terdsak promised to provide justice to both parties questioning the five police officers and searching for more evidence before concluding the case. Terdsak did not mention Santi’s alleged stolen necklace and cash.

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