Thai man allegedly fakes doctor identity to swindle woman

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A Thai woman accused a man of impersonating a skilled doctor from the United States and swindling her of over 500,000 baht. She claims he deceived her by alleging that the funds were required for his mother’s cancer treatment.

The victim, identified only as Pei Pei, told Channel 3 that her ex-boyfriend, named Golf, deceived her into giving him over 500,000 baht. Golf reportedly created a fake profile as a skilled military doctor who graduated from the US.

Pei Pei revealed that Golf approached her online last year, introducing himself as a military doctor. He showcased his uniforms and titles, making her believe in his fake identity.

According to Pei Pei, Golf told her he wanted to adopt a child due to the infant’s challenging circumstances. Agreeing with compassion, Pei Pei assisted the child until she later learned that the baby was Golf’s biological child from his previous marriage.

Furthermore, Golf allegedly asked for help from Pei Pei for his mother’s cancer treatment. Allegedly, Golf informed Pei Pei that his mother required medication from overseas, but lacked the necessary funds to cover the expenses. Driven by affection, Pei Pei willingly supported Golf’s mother as requested.

Pei Pei revealed that she went bankrupt three months after dating Golf, and he gradually distanced himself from her because she could no longer give him money.

Sleeping pills

Pei Pei said she was stressed and took sleeping pills daily to force herself to sleep. She was once admitted to the hospital for the excessive consumption of the pills.

After recovering from the disappointment, Pei Pei began investigating Golf’s background and found that he was not a doctor as he claimed.

His information did not appear in medical professional records but instead showed a criminal history. Golf was arrested on a drug case in 2018. He faced imprisonment and was released in 2020.

Pei Pei admitted that she was angry and broke into Golf’s home, stabbing him twice. Her actions led Golf to file a complaint against her for trespassing, attempted murder, and violation of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

More victims emerged after Pei Pei’s story went viral on Thai social media. One woman, named Lek, accused Golf of fraud and physical assault, claiming her case was similar to Pei Pei’s.

The owner of the home that Golf rented, Sit, told Channel 3 that Golf paid the rent for the first two months and failed to fulfil the payment for the subsequent two months, accruing a total debt of 50,000 baht.

Denying allegations

In an interview with Channel 3, Golf insisted that he had never introduced himself as a doctor. He claimed to operate a company importing and selling medical tools to hospitals in Thailand. So, his personality made people misunderstand him.

Golf insisted that he graduated in a medical field from the US but refused to provide more details to the media.

Golf admitted to borrowing money from Pei Pei but claimed he borrowed only 100,000 baht. He said the 500,000 baht that Pei Pei mentioned was the amount they spent together while in a relationship.

Golf denied deceiving Pei Pei and claimed that he had to distance himself from her because she displayed aggressive and violent behaviour. He alleged that Pei Pei tried to kill him. He also handed over CCTV footage of Pei Pei entering his workplace with a knife to the media.

The issue has not yet been resolved, and police officers have not yet intervened in the incident.

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