Salary surge: Thai civil servants set for pay raise starting May 1

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The Thai government announced a significant salary increase for civil servants, effective from tomorrow, May 1, this year. This adjustment aims to ensure that those with a bachelor’s degree will earn no less than 18,000 baht per month, and those with a vocational certificate will receive no less than 11,000 baht per month within two years.

This recent decision, made during a Cabinet meeting on November 28, last year, is part of a phased plan that will see initial increases followed by another round of adjustments the following year. The goal is to establish a minimum monthly salary of 18,000 baht for bachelor’s degree holders.

Furthermore, the government is also addressing the needs of retired civil servants by revising pension living allowances through the issuance of a royal decree, which took effect on April 17, this year.

Government spokesperson Radklao Inthawong Suwankiri revealed that the new salary scales for newly appointed civil servants will commence on May 1, this year, with the first increase and a subsequent one the following year.

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In addition to these changes for new entrants, the government has shown its commitment to retirees by adjusting pension living allowances to reflect the rising cost of living. The same commencement date applies to the salary increment and the revised pension allowances.

Radklao emphasised that the salary adjustments are intended to attract qualified personnel to the civil service, enhancing the efficiency of Thailand’s public administration. In addition to new entrants, the government remains mindful of pensioners, who must cope with the country’s economic conditions and increasing living costs, thus the increase in pension living allowances. These measures are expected to improve the economy and elevate living standards and quality of life for its citizens.

Salary adjustment with increments

The salary adjustments will be implemented over two years, with the following increments:

  • For those with a vocational certificate, the current range of 9,400 to 10,340 baht will be increased from 10,340 to 11,380 baht in the first year to 11,380 to 12,520 baht in the second year.
  • For those with a higher vocational certificate, the current range of 11,500 to 12,650 baht will rise to 12,650 to 13,920 baht in the first year to 13,920 to 15,320 baht in the second year.
  • For bachelor’s degree holders, the current range of 15,000 to 16,500 baht will increase from 16,500 to 18,150 baht in the first year to 18,150 to 19,970 baht in the second year.
  • For those with a master’s degree, the current range of 17,500 to 19,250 baht will go up to 19,250 to 21,180 baht in the first year to 21,180 to 23,300 baht in the second year.
  • For doctoral degree holders, the current range of 21,000 to 23,100 baht will be raised from 23,100 to 25,410 baht in the first year to 25,410 to 27,960 baht in the second year.

These salary increases will apply to various groups, including regular civilian officials, military personnel, police officers, educators, university staff, parliamentary officials, court administrative employees, and staff of independent constitutional organizations.

The May 1 milestone marks a significant change for both new civil servants and those receiving minimum pensions, reflecting the government’s efforts to ensure fair compensation and a decent standard of living for its employees, both active and retired, reported Khaosod.

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