Thai-China pact amplifies crackdown on Chinese fugitives in Thailand

Most-wanted Chinese officials who have fled overseas, Image courtesy of China Daily

A recent agreement between Thai and Chinese law enforcement signals an increased effort to crack down on Chinese criminals who have sought refuge in Thailand. Policymakers from both nations are keen on bolstering cooperation in dealing with significant instances of Chinese criminals fleeing from China to Thailand to evade apprehension.

High-ranking officials of the Thai Immigration Bureau (IB), directed by Pakpoompipat Sajjapan, visited China with the purpose of discussing matters pertaining to international crimes involving Chinese nationals. This visit followed instructions delivered by the national police chief, Damrongsak Kittiprapas. Sajjapan headed to Kunming to conduct discourse with both China’s Ministry of Public Security (MPS) and Yunan province’s Public Security Department, in addition to related organizations, spanning from the previous Saturday till yesterday.

Phanthana Nutchanart, the IB’s deputy director, commented that the dialogues with Chinese officials were instigated by constant accounts of Chinese criminals fleeing to and committing crimes in Thailand. Reports were exchanged between the IB and Chinese authorities concerning these criminals with the objective of improving collaboration between the two nations.

In these discussions, the panels agreed to share information regarding Chinese suspects who could potentially flee to Thailand or have any connection with the nation. The Chinese authorities also pledged to deliver a list of their most wanted suspects to the Thailand IB to monitor their locations and incorporate that data into the IB’s alert system.

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Furthermore, records on international fugitives will also be compiled for subsequent dialogues, Nutchanart informed, reported Bangkok Post.

In related Chinese news, a husband was caught on camera, brutally assaulting his wife at a governmental department. Even though the officers at the department were there, the husband still continued to attack her before the married couple eventually divorced.

The shocking incident was reported yesterday morning at a marriage registry at Pinhai City Hall in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, China. For more information, click the LINK to read more.

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