Thai boy with alleged supernatural powers sparks concern

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Concerned netizens have condemned a 12 year old’s boy’s Thai parents for taking advantage of their son with the claim that he has supernatural powers and encouraging him to believe in superstition.

The parents of the 12 year old boy, named Nice, announced to the public that their son possessed supernatural abilities because he started learning the Dhamma when he was seven years old. The parents claimed that their son knows history, can predict the future and, in the past, was even able to talk to the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, in his astral body.

They further claim that their son is eager to share the Dhamma teachings he has acquired with others, adding they find themselves unable to resist his intentions.

In response to these claims, Nice garnered a growing number of followers who believed in his alleged supernatural powers. He and his parents have held several online courses, seminars and meetings where Nice shared his out-of-body experiences and talked about his Buddhist teachings.

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At the time, many Thai people spoke out against the family’s beliefs and criticised them for being superstitious. The discussion about Nice later died down, and the boy continued to teach online courses via Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.

Nice also changed his name to Niramirt Deva Juti and claimed to be a medium of Prince Naga called Phet Phattaranaka Nakkarat.

Innocent child spoiled by parents

Nice’s story re-emerged in the public eye when he and his parents promoted a meditation workshop set to take place in Phuket province on December 3. The advertisement for the event was shared on Nice’s Facebook page and received positive feedback from his followers.

Channel 3 reported that previous events in the past four months also gained a lot of attention and more than 5,000 people attended. However, many netizens gave negative feedback on the post, saying they did not believe in the boy’s power and believed Nice’s parents were taking advantage of him.

“You are a Naga? My son also told me he was Spider-Man when he was three. Now he is four and tells me he is a Superman. Let’s go to the doctor.”

“Doesn’t he have to go to school?”

“Please feel sorry for your son. Let him live his life. I pity you for being used by the parents to get the money.”

“You are parents, but you have never felt sorry for your son.”

“Why are there so many people with supernatural powers in Thailand?”

Nice’s workshops and seminars have been criticised for their high fees. In the past, devotees had to pay 590 baht to attend and VIP devotees had to pay 990 baht to sit in the front row.

For the upcoming event in Phuket, the price was not included in the information, making many netizens curious that it must be too high to be revealed to the public.

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