Teenage Thai girl uses fake receipts to get 19 free nights at central Thailand hotel (video)

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A 15 year old Thai girl created fake money transfer receipts to get 19 free nights at a hotel in the central province of Chachengsao. The hotel owner, Thanwarat Channamkham, contacted Mueang Chachengsao Police Station on November 23 after realising she had been defrauded by her teenage guest, Nuan.

Thanwarat told officers that the teenage guest created fake money transfer receipts in order to stay at her hotel for free.

Thanwarat explained that Nuan had checked into her hotel on November 5 at a cost of 400 baht per night. She did not take care of the hotel herself but hired a Cambodian woman to work as a receptionist and maid at the hotel.

According to Thanwarat, her Cambodian employee notified Nuan to pay the hotel fare and the teenager then reportedly transferred the money into Thanwarat’s bank account and shared the transfer receipts with the hotel employee.

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Thanwarat said her Cambodian employee sent her the transfer receipts for Nuan’s room every day but later noticed that she had not been notified of the transfer through her bank application. She then checked each receipt and found that the transfer numbers were the same.

Thanwarat said the only thing that had changed was the date of the transfer. She looked carefully at the date on each receipt and found that it had been edited.

Admission of guilt

Thanwarat went to the hotel to clarify the matter with Nuan where she admitted her wrongdoing. Thanwarat said she asked Nuan to contact her family to pay the hotel bills. She insisted that she would drop the lawsuit once she received the money.

Amarin TV reported that the hotel room where Nuan was staying was quite dirty. She left used clothes on the floor, washed underwear in the sink, and scattered garbage and leftover food around the room. The Cambodian maid added that Nuan had not allowed her to clean the room.

Nuan revealed to the media that she had previously lived with her friend in a dormitory in Bangkok’s Nong Chok district. Her friend later moved out and she could not afford the rent and had to move out.

Nuan stressed that she tried to sell products online to pay the hotel. She asked to pay the rent in instalments but the owner refused. Nuan did not mention her family and there was no update on whether Nuan or her family covered the bills.

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